3 more sleeps

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Thoughts, Truth

As I type my mind goes forward to Friday night with much anticipation.
After close to 3 months I’ll actually get to see my husband.
In the flesh I mean.
Not on Skype.
Not just a voice on the other end of the phone.
Not just words in an email.
The whole enchilada. The real McCoy who I can hold, smell, feel.
Can you hear the excitement in my words?? Damned sure I can let me say!
As I’ve told myself more times than I can count since early November when I left Townsville, I know this was a conscious decision we made many months ago, but regardless of that fact, it’s not easy to live as we have been since I did leave.
I’m sure people are sick of hearing about it.
Next statement would be, I don’t really care. It’s the truth.
I dare anyone to make the decision we did and find it easy. I think most people would be surprised.
Try coming home to an empty house every single night, then cooking a decent meal for one person. Your motivation is hard to find and the temptation to stop and grab Chinese or Indian is hard to resist if for no other reason than it takes no thought.
Try waking in the middle of the night and reaching out for the warmth of a body that would ordinarily be there only to find a cold, empty place as opposed to the person you have spent 17 {good} years of your life with.
It sucks. Big time.
This is not the first occasion we’ve spent time apart to get where we want to be and last time it was 7 months.
All I can say to that is thank God it won’t be that long this time because this time around it’s a lot harder for some reason.
As I go to bed tonight my last thought will be than when I wake in the morning it will only be 2 sleeps until I can hold the man I miss every minute of every day and have done since I drove away from him early in November.
He resides in my heart and soul and will do until the last breath leaves my body.
The down side of him being here is it’s only for 3 days, but right now I would take 3 hours.

  1. I hear this loud and clear.
    Funny but I think Pamela and I miss you and Mark just as much.
    Keep the faith, sweetie and know that I am but an email away.
    Blogrolled you. btw . . .
    Miss you.

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